July 24, 2012

Seduced By Blood Comes Out Today!

July 24 - Print / August 1 - Digital
I'm so thrilled that the fourth book in the Sweetblood series comes out today in print! If you read on an e-reader, the digital version comes out August 1, but you can pre-order it now.

"Get ready to be blown away by powerful romance and action in Seduced by Blood." - Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read

"I have truly loved each book." Books N Kisses

Deep within the forests of the Pacific Northwest, the battle for supremacy rages on between two vampire coalitions:Guardian enforcers sworn to protect humanity, and Darkbloods, rogues who kill like their ancient ancestors…

Hot-blooded and hard-edged, Tristan Santiago has an uncanny ability to see beneath the surface—a skill that serves him well as the Guardians' region commander. But when a deadly plot against his fellow vampires is uncovered, he must turn to the one woman he can't read: the beautiful yet mysterious Roxanne Reynolds, whose sensual presence soothes his tormented memories.

Roxy had put love before duty once before, with devastating results. But to root out a dangerous traitor in their midst, she must put her faith in Santiago, the one man skilled enough to break through her defenses. Posing as lovers, Santiago and Roxy work side by side—and discover a powerful craving that threatens to consume them both….
You can buy it here:


  1. seriously I have had this on pre order for ages cant wait to receive a copy thank you laurie your a wonderful writer xxoo

  2. Aw, thanks so much! I hope you enjoy Santiago and Roxy's story!!!


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