October 10, 2012

Assassin's Touch Blog Buttons

To celebrate the coming release of ASSASSIN'S TOUCH, the first book in the Iron Portal series, I made some fancy blog buttons for you with my mad Photoshop skillz. If you want other sizes, let me know in the comments. I didn't do any banners, but I could certainly make them if you guys want them.

Feel free to right click and post them on your sidebars and web sites. And until it goes up on the etailer sites, here's the Goodreads page you can link to.


125 x 125

250 x 250

And an update on the Goodreads contest that I talked about here (you can also enter it there too).

ASSASSIN'S TOUCH has been added to over 120 shelves in just 3 days! You guys rock! Thanks for spreading the news about the book. If it gets added to 500 shelves before the book comes out, the winner will also win a brand new Kindle Paperwhite ereader.


  1. Thanks, Kelly! I've never done a button before. I probably should've coded some html, but that would take too much of my limited brain power. ;-)


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